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Wound Care Finders is here to help when you need wound care. We have a developed a network of professionals to come to your home and care for chronic wounds.

About Us

Wound Care Finders connects patients with chronic wounds to qualified healthcare professionals. With the help of our directory, patients can find wound dressing providers, certified wound care centers, and experienced wound care doctors in their area. 

Our goal is to give patients access to the care they need to help their wounds heal. We also keep our listings up-to-date so patients can find the best care for their specific needs. With our online platform, finding the right practitioner has never been easier. Whether you need a basic checkup or more in-depth treatment, Wound Care Finders can help. Join us and find the perfect wound care provider for you.

Our Services

Wound Dressings

Different types of dressings may be used based on the characteristics of the wound. Examples include alginate dressings for wounds with excessive exudate, hydrocolloid dressings for granulating wounds, and foam dressings for wounds with moderate exudate.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

NPWT involves the application of a vacuum dressing to the wound, which helps in wound healing by removing excess fluid, promoting tissue growth, and reducing bacterial colonization

Debridement Therapy

This process involves the removal of dead or non-viable tissue from the wound, which can impede healing. Debridement can be achieved through methods such as surgical debridement, enzymatic debridement, mechanical debridement, or autolytic debridement.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber, which increases the oxygen level in the blood and tissues. This therapy is often used for certain types of chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers or radiation-induced wounds.

Wound Care Finders

When it comes to wound care, Wound Care Finders is the best friend you could have. With a team of highly experienced wound care specialists, Wound Care Finders provides a comprehensive range of treatments for patients of all ages and backgrounds. From the initial consultation to the post-treatment follow-up.

Wound Care Finders ensures that each patient has the most comprehensive and highest quality care available. Their services include wound assessment, dressing changes, wound management, patient education, and much more. You can rely on Wound Care Finders for all aspects of wound care, no matter how complex or urgent your situation may be.

Antibiotic Therapy

In cases where chronic wounds are infected, antibiotics may be prescribed to control or eliminate bacterial growth, reduce inflammation, and promote healing.

Skin Grafts and Flaps

For larger or non-healing wounds, surgical interventions like skin grafts (transplanting healthy skin) or flaps (transferring adjacent tissue) may be performed to facilitate wound closure and accelerate healing.


Offloading involves reducing pressure on specific areas, such as the feet in diabetic foot ulcers, by using special footwear, orthotic devices, or padding. This helps relieve pressure and promote healing.

Tissue Substitutes

Advanced wound care products, such as skin substitutes or grafts derived from human or animal sources, can be used to promote healing in chronic wounds that do not respond to conventional treatments

Client Testimonials

I live in Las Vegas and I was needing help with my Chorionic wound so it will heal. I contact Wound Care Finders. They sent a mobile nurse and just in time before infection set in.
Sheila M.
Private Resident
We needed a Wound Care professional to come to our assented living facility and found Wound Care Finders and the sent a mobile care provider to us! They was able to help with other clients too!
Phill B.
Facility Manager
We Live in the Phoenix Area and need help right away to care for bed soars for my elderly mother who is bed bound! I contacted Wound Care Finders they helped us!
Larry G.
Private Resident
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